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Genuilder : Build time development framework
Enhancing Visual studio and your build process is two clicks away.
This framework does it's best to be out of your way, while improving your development experience seemlessly.


(Please if you know a better way to integrate video from a flash object, in CodePlex, tell me ! ;) )

Installation has been simplified since the creation of this screencast


Current features are:

And the most important, the Extensibility framework with its built in extensions :


More to come, I wait your ideas !

Check the article on CodeProject.

Note : These features work automatically during the compilation of your project, they are completely inobstrusive during the development.

Please let me know about your idea to make Genuilder even better !

I accept donation with paypal so I can drink beer, eat pizza and code more and better ;)


Hope you'll like it,
Nicolas DORIER

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